Cleaning and disinfection of large surfaces with Kränzle high-pressure cleaners

High-pressure cleaners are characterised by low water consumption and high cleaning power when cleaning large areas. Even hard-to-reach areas, such as deep crevices or cracks in the surface, can be cleaned and disinfected effortlessly thanks to the high pressure and suitable cleaning accessories.

When cleaning with hot water above 80°C water temperature, a reduction of germs, bacteria and viruses takes place, even without disinfectants. Hot water dissolves dirt, fats and oils more easily, and the drying time is also significantly reduced. This saves up to 35% of working time for cleaning and disinfection.

Hot water high-pressure cleaner

Kränzle hot water high-pressure cleaners generate a water temperature of up to 89°C with the aid of an oil-heated burner boiler. Optionally, there are also units available with an electric instantaneous water heater (Kränzle e-therm series). By reducing the water quantity, the steam stage can be cleaned with steam up to 155°C (Kränzle therm-1 series). This not only removes stubborn dirt from surfaces, but also effectively fights viruses and bacteria.

The infinitely variable pressure regulation of all Kränzle high-pressure cleaner models allows you to adjust the water pressure and the water quantity to the surface to be cleaned in an optimum way.


  • Hot water / steam generation up to max. 155°C
  • high washing capacity up to 1,600 l/h (therm-RP series)
  • continuous pressure setting
  • Digital thermostat for controlling the water temperature
  • efficient burner technology including various safety and shutdown devices
  • Quick-release fittings, for simple and quick lance changes


therm-1 series - oil-heated

with digital thermostat for a water temperature accurate to the degree

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therm-RP series - oil-heated

with high working pressure and maximum water capacity

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e-therm series - electrically heated

ideal for all emission-free cleaning applications in health-sensitive areas of application

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Accessories for cleaning and disinfection

When cleaning with high-pressure cleaners, suitable cleaning agents should also be applied with a foam injector to interrupt infection chains and remove all dirt residues.

Foam injector

For the application of cleaning and disinfecting agents. Foam injectors produce an adhesive foam which greatly increases the reaction time and cleaning performance.





Surface cleaner UFO

For fast and efficient basic cleaning / pre-cleaning of small to very large areas. Kränzle surface cleaners can be used with up to 60°C warm water.

Spinning pencil jet - Turbokiller

Especially high cleaning effect for very stubborn dirt.

Bend lance

Infinitely variable adjustment of the bending angle of the lance for cleaning of difficult to access areas.