Perfect cleanliness due to double-roller hasp technology:

Hand power sweeper Kränzle 2 + 2 Product characteristics:

  • Working width 800 mm
  • Counter-rotating side brushes sweep debris to centre
  • 40 l storage bin
  • Extra large wheels
  • Robust materials
  • Continuously height adjustable
  • Space-saving storage
    Product characteristics 
    Kränzle Handkehrmaschine 2 + 2   

    Working width:

    The 800 mm working width enables to efficiently carry out cleaning jobs.

    Side brushes:

    Counter-rotating side brushes with double-roller hasp principle ensure first class cleaning results.


    Storage bin:

    The 40 l large storage bin allows optimal filling by means of the double-roller principle.


    Extra large wheels with natural rubber tyres for optimum transmission of driving force onto the sides brushes.


    High quality materials such as the side brushes and roller brushes made of extremely abrasion-proof nylon or storage bins and housings from impact proof plastic stand for extreme durability and functional safety.


    Height adjustable:

    The side brushes are height adjustable and can therefore be perfectly adjusted to different ground conditions.


    Due to its removable handlebar the power sweeper allows space saving and compact storage.