Kränzle Industrial cleaners:

Kränzle Ventos 30 E / L Product characteristics:

  • Foldable carrier handle and handlebar
  • Electrical power tool socket
  • Electronically adjustable vacuum power control
  • 7.5 m rubber-coated power lead with cable reel
  • Big wheels
  • Exhaust air ventilation connection
  • Neat arrangement system
    Product characteristics 
    Elektronische SaugkraftregulierungTragegriffBlasluftanschlussOrdnungssystemGerätesteckdoseGummikabelGroße Räder
    Ventos 30 E/L   

    Carrier handle and handlebar:

    The carrier handle and handlebar are ergonomically designed and is positively insertable.

    Electrical power tool socket

    The electrical power tool socket is intended for direct connection to vacuumable electrical appliances.

    Electronically adjustable vacuum power control

    The suction power control allows the suction to be adjusted to the required level. This makes it impossible for nozzles or power tools to “stick” to smooth surfaces due to too much suction.

    7.5 m rubber-coated power lead

    Long 7.5 m rubber-coated power lead for a wide range of operation with practical cable reel.

    Big wheels

    Large wheels with rigid steel axle provide high mobility and durability.

    Exhaust air ventilation connection:

    All Ventos wet and dry vacuum cleaners are equipped with a practical blow function as a standard.

    Neat arrangement system:

    Useful storage board for standard accessories, always to hand for quick and easy exchange.