Cleanliness as a source of satisfaction:

Kränzle solutions for house and yard!

As a matter of fact, Kränzle cleaning machines bring out the best in your house and yard. And the challenges are ever so complex that the investment a professional machine already pays for itself in the first year. Whether it is a porch, driveway, stairway, wall, fence or garden furniture, with Kränzle high-pressure cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners and power sweepers everything will be squeaky clean. Dirty roller shutters? No problem, just as new with Kränzle! Swimming pool needs spring cleaning? Go ahead, in a jiffy with Kränzle. And in addition, Kränzle also serves to clear out gutters and drains. Superb accessories such as Dirtkiller, rotating washing brush, pipe cleaning hose or UFO come in as efficient tools.

The small power packs are ideal as high-pressure cleaners for home and garden as well as the K 2000 series. And the annoying cleaning of the front street on Saturday mornings suddenly turns into your favourite occupation. The reason for this is clear. Find out for yourself – using Kränzle sweepers.

Thousands of Kränzle machines have been reliably and successfully in use for decades in house and yard all over the world. Why not benefit yourself from the experience and quality of Kränzle products for your own business.

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