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Kränzle solutions for industry and trade!

The fields of application in industry and trade are enormously complex. And requirements from one application to another also vary tremendously. If. for example, butcher shops and the food industry require a food compatible design with special tyres and hoses as well as s stainless steel construction as standard, the exterior cleaning industry, on the other hand, focuses on high pressure und high water performance. And as regards painting contractors, independence of electric power sources is a prerequisite for their daily work. Therefore, you need a manufacturer who is well aware of such requirements and able to offer a product line that meets all of these different requirements. And there is such a manufacturer: Kränzle with its vast and wide range of products is in a position to offer all that is needed by industry and trade. This also applies to the rental business: the portable high-pressure cleaners do not fail to give proof of their robustness each day and, due to their reduced number of covering elements, are quick and easy to service.

Thousands of Kränzle machines have been reliably and successfully in use for decades in industry and trade all over the world. Why not benefit yourself from the experience and quality of Kränzle products for your own business.

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