High-pressure cleaners stationary:

Kränzle W 11/135 up to 19/180

Four models with continuously adjustable working pressure of up to 250 bar are available for stationary cold water use. Stainless steel housing, stainless steel manometer and a total-stop system come as standard equipment. All stations can be equipped with a water tank, while a connection of the pressure water pipe to the water tank is an option.

Kränzle W 11/135, W 13/250, W 15/220, W 19/180

Product characteristics:

  • Housing made of stainless steel
  • Total-Stop system
  • Stainless steel pressure gauge
  • Detergent sucking
  • Stainless steel lance with flat jet nozzle
  • Optional with coin checking device and remote control


Item at present not available.

Product characteristics