Modern design & convenient cleaning features:

Hand Power Sweeper Kränzle Colly 800

Flexible to use and requiring little effort, the Kränzle Colly 800 for indoor and outdoor cleaning always gives you perfect cleaning results. Walkways, driveways and terraces can be quickly and thoroughly freed from dirt. Also for farms, workshops, craftsmen and building cleaners, all surfaces are swept clean. The efficient Kränzle Colly 800 is easy to operate, ergonomically shaped and sweeps almost dust-free, even on difficult corners and edges.

Product characteristics:

    • Dustpan principle
      • Ergonomic and easy to operate
      • Comfortable, fast and back-friendly sweeping thanks to the infinitely adjustable push bar
      • Cleaning without contact with dirt
      • Easy handling and emptying of the impact-resistant sweepings container
      • Foldable side brushes with infinitely variable height adjustment
      • Large wheels with natural rubber tyres for optimum power transmission
      • Star-shaped hard-soft bristles
      • Comfortable and height-adjustable driving handle
      • Space-saving storage due to foldable push handle
        Product characteristics