Kränzle industry solutions:

The perfect product for every challenge!

The challenges and application tasks for high-pressure cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners and power sweepers vary considerably from one industry to another. Therefore, Kränzle has developed a product line which, owing to its depth and variety, is able to successfully meet all types of requirements.

Car dealers, garages, and repair shops leave their mark through cleanliness in outside areas, sales rooms and garages.

Extremely heavy soiling is a common daily experience to building and forwarding companies. It is therefore important to be able to rapidly and efficiently clean the vehicle fleet in order to keep operating times at a high level. Tippers, concrete mixers, wheel loaders, cranes or excavators, they all require thorough and uncompromising proper cleaning.

Cleanliness is one of the elementary prerequisites in farming and husbandry when it comes to health, hygiene and first class working conditions. With regard to butcher shops and the food industry require a food compatible design with special tires and hoses as well as s stainless steel construction as standard, whereas the exterior cleaning industry, on the other hand, focuses on high pressure und high water output.

Public service cleaning tasks require absolutely professional and uncompromising machines. In view of the daily rough operating conditions of tractors, construction site vehicles, articulated loaders and trucks, semi-professional or customer oriented manufacturers are eliminated from the outset.

As a matter of fact, Kränzle cleaning machines bring out the best in your house and yard. And the challenges are ever so complex that the investment a professional machine already pays for itself in the first year.

No matter what the challenge or cleaning task  Kränzle is your professional partner for any type challenge.