Thorough cleanliness inside and outside:

Kränzle solutions for the automotive industry!

The challenges of the automotive industry are as complex as the applications of high-pressure cleaners, wet and dry vacuum cleaners as well as power sweepers.

Car dealers, garages repair shops, bus and taxi operators leave their mark through cleanliness in outside areas, sales rooms and repair shops. And there is no second chance for the first impression you leave behind. Therefore Kränzle aims to offer perfect solutions to all requirements in its three fields of competence. The Dirtkiller nozzle is designed to thoroughly and rapidly remove even stubborn and oily residues in the repair shop. And the Kränzle therm machines and the round cleaner floor cleaners as accessories, for example, will try to outshine each other before long. Solutions are also provided for the use in petrol stations and car washing systems from pre-washing to car interior and exterior cleaning, taking into account the specific size of your company. Thousands of Kränzle machines have been reliably and successfully in use for decades in the automotive industry all over the world. Why not benefit yourself from the experience and quality of Kränzle products for your own business.

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